Easy to Digest Shoyu Ramen with Plenty of Chinese Cabbage at “Dotonbori Shinza”

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“Dotonbori Shinza” is a popular ramen restaurant which currently has 46 locations in Osaka, Kansai, and the Tokyo metropolitan area.
The recipe for the delicious ramen here was made by the restaurant’s founder, who has worked as a chef at French restaurants. His goal was to make a soup that is easy to digest that you could eat every day. Supposedly the ramen here has a unique, habit-forming taste.
This time, I visited the “Ario Otori” store in Osaka Prefecture’s Sakai City.

1st Floor Food Court
1st Floor Food Court

I arrived pretty early, so it was still relatively empty.
When it hits noon, the 700-seat food court gets so packed that it’s hard to find a seat.

“Dotonbori Shinza” Sales Corner
“Dotonbori Shinza” Sales Corner

A company-certified “Soup Sommelier” cooks at each of Dotonbori Shinza’s locations.

The soup comes in one flavor only.
You can choose from a variety of toppings, like boiled egg and kimchi, to add to the restaurant’s signature “Oishii Ramen (Delicious Ramen).” They also have a good selection of side dishes such as gyoza and kara-age (fried chicken).

A Fusion of French Cuisine and Ramen

The shoyu-based soup is a lovely golden color.
It’s also packed with plenty of Chinese cabbage!
The price is really reasonable too!

First off, I tried a sip of just soup.
It had a refreshing and mild flavor, with a rather iconic sweet taste and occasional notes of spice.
The soup is French-style, completely different than any other ramen I’d had before.
Not only was it flavorful, but the broth is nutrient-dense and low in calories.

The noodles were medium-thin straight noodles.
They paired very well with the soup.

The Chinese cabbage was simmered to perfect tenderness; yum!
The Chinese cabbage was simmered to perfect tenderness; yum!

The chashu was tender, and it was exceptionally good when eaten together with the Chinese cabbage!

I Recommend Adding Nira (Garlic Chives)!

Spicy Nira
Spicy Nira

There are plenty of other seasoning choices available for you to add to your ramen, including spicy nira, spicy miso, la yu chili oil, and grated garlic.

Topped with Nira!

I really enjoyed adding the nira to my soup halfway through!
The spicy flavor and aroma from the nira made the ramen even tastier than before!

I was super satisfied with the first bowl of “Oishii Ramen” I’ve had in a long while!
Careful, you might get addicted to it too!

Video “Ramen Up Until It’s Served”

Basic information on Dotonbori Shinza

1F Ario Otori, 3-199-12 Otoriminamimachi, Nishi-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka Prefecture
10 minutes on foot from JR Hanwa Line’s Otori Station
Business Hours
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Open every day