Aoyama Tajimaya

Also recommended as a souvenir! A popular shop for Mamegashi and Peanut Paste.

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Peanut and soybean product

A historic shop that has been selling Mamegashi (nut and bean confectionery), since its establishment in Meiji 27 (1894). The shop has a wide variety of peanut and soybean products available with a range of seasoning, such as salt, ume (plum) and matcha.

The rich Peanut Paste is a very popular product, using peanuts from Chiba prefecture. The paste comes in four types, added-sugar, no-sugar, crunchy and smooth, and it is also recommended for cooking.

In Japan, beans have long been considered as auspicious foods, therefore it is also recommended as a gift.


  • The Peanut Paste is a popular product that is introduced by a range of media. The shelf life is 180 days (refrigerate once opened and consume within 3 months).
  • An assortment of popular products is recommended for those who cannot decide which Mamegashi to choose from the wide variety.
  • They are sold in small packages, so one can enjoy a fresh taste any time.


  • Shop exterior

    Shop exterior

  • Peanut Paste and Mamegashi assorted 6 packs 2700 yen

    Peanut Paste and Mamegashi assorted 6 packs 2700 yen

  • Mamegashi assorted 4 packs 1500 yen

    Mamegashi assorted 4 packs 1500 yen

  • Shop interior

    Shop interior

  • The Peanut Paste

    The Peanut Paste

  • The Peanut Paste stand

    The Peanut Paste stand

  • Shop interior

    Shop interior


  • 許維吟


  • 張紋娟


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
2-7-11 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
Weekdays 10:00am-7:00pm
Weekend and public holidays 10:00am-5:00pm
Third Sunday of the month
Located immediately as you leave Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Gaiemmae Station 4b exit
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)