Tanimoto Kamaboko-Ten, Dogo

Right in front of Dogo Onsen (hot spring)! Tuck into the “Jyako-ten” (Jyako-fish paste tempura) in front of the shop.

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Kamaboko (a processed seafood product), Jyako-ten, Souvenir, Take-away and Local Specialty.

Tanimoto Kamaboko-ten is a long-standing Kamaboko shop established in 1916. Traditional techniques had been inherited by craftsmen with a first class in the national qualification as a fish paste product manufacturing technician. Currently, it has expanded to multiple shops, and the Dogo shop is located in front of Dogo Onsen. It specializes in take-away food, and many tourists can be seen tucking into the hot food whilst on the go.

The popular product is “Jyako-ten”, which has been established as a rustic souvenir of Ehime. Jyako-ten is a “fried Kamaboko”, which is a locally caught small fish ground into paste including skin and bone, shaped flat using a wood frame and fried in rapeseed oil. Because it is made from bone and skin, it is rich in nutrients such as calcium. It has a soft chewiness, unique flavor and an addictive grainy texture from the small bones. It is delicious, not only freshly fried, but also when reheated with 2-3 drops of soy sauce.
“Jyako Katsu” is also popular. It is croquette-like, made by adding carrots and onions to the Jyako-ten fish paste and breaded with panko.


  • All fish paste products made by skilled craftsmen are of high quality and delicious.
  • A shop that offers Jyako-ten that is popular as a rustic souvenir of Ehime Prefecture.
  • We recommend eating the Jyako-ten just out of the deep fryer whilst on the go.
  • The “Jyako Katsu” which are like croquettes are also popular.
  • It pairs perfectly with beer.


  • Jyako-ten


  • Jyako Katsu

    Jyako Katsu

  • Jyako Katsu Rice Burger

    Jyako Katsu Rice Burger


  • 林進權


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Name in Japanese
谷本蒲鉾店 道後店
Postal Code
20 Dogoyunomachi, Matsuyama City, Ehime
Business Hours
Irregular holidays
300-1,000 yen
About 5 minutes on foot from Iyo Tetsudo Matsuyamashieki Line Dogo Onsen Station.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)