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Marugami Waterfall

A 76-meter tall waterfall, listed in the best 100 Waterfalls of Japan

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The famed Marugami Waterfall, located in Ogano, Saitama, was selected as one of 100 Best Waterfalls in Japan. The waterfall is actually separated into 3 different levels, each offering a unique shape and beauty to enjoy on its own. Put together, this waterfall measures at 76-meters high! From a staggering height the falls seems to slip across the black rocks and down over the cliffs like silvery threads, evoking a sense of delicate but majestic force that’s bound to impress anyone who visits.

This destination is hidden away in a deep mountain location, meaning there’s plenty of rich, untouched nature to take you away from the sounds and stresses of everyday life. Each of the four seasons offers a gorgeous new way to see the falls, but the verdant greens and autumn red months offer an incomparable level of beauty. Even in the winter, the sheer serenity and tranquil air over the frozen falls deserve a mention of their own.

Around the waterfall sits a 1.5km trail, perfect for a time of peaceful hiking to the tune of the babbling river and birds in song. Just be aware that there are a few hills, and conditions may be wet after the rain, so be sure to visit with your best walking shoes.

※As a safety precaution, the area may be closed temporarily in the case of extreme snowfall/winter conditions.


  • Waterfall sits in a lush backdrop of untouched nature.
  • Paths lead up to the very foot of the waterfalls, allowing you to look up close.
  • There’s an observation deck overlooking the entire waterfall.
  • A hiking path is set up around the falls, but ample mountain-ready walking shoes are required.


  • The “Marugami Waterfall Course”, perfect for hiking!

    The “Marugami Waterfall Course”, perfect for hiking!

  • The Marugami Falls and vibrant autumn leaves

    The Marugami Falls and vibrant autumn leaves

  • The falls in the unforgettably, gorgeous green season

    The falls in the unforgettably, gorgeous green season


  • Sio


  • 陳隆義



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Ryokamikomori, Ogano, Chichibu, Saitama
Regular Holidays
Open All Year
Open Hours
0494-75-5060 (OGANO-RYOGAMI Tourist Association)
(1) Take an approx. 50 min bus from Mitsumineguchi Station on the Chichibu Railway and walk 20 mins.
(2) Take an approx. 80 min bus from Seibu-Chichibu Station on the Seibu-Chichibu Line and walk 20 mins.
※ There are a limited number of buses. Please plan for extra travel time during heavily trafficked times.
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