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Sayama Lake

A lake full of sights to see Mt.fuji, sunsets, and bird-watching.

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Lake Sayama, which straddles Tokorozawa City and Iruma City in Saitama Prefecture, is an artificial lake constructed for the purpose of securing water sources. As an irreplaceable dam lake for the region, it has been selected as one of the 100 best dam lakes.

The area around the lake is a Prefectural Sayama Nature Park, known for its beautiful four-season scenery. In particular, the scenery in spring, when the 20,000 cherry trees planted along the lakeside are in full bloom, that is nothing short of "Amazing!". There is no other way to describe it. Fuji on a clear day, the lake's reflection of Mt. Fuji and the setting sun is also a beautiful sight.

It is also famous as a "sacred place for bird watching". There are more than 40 species of wild birds that can be observed, and many birdwatchers come to observe them frolicking in the lake and surrounding forest.

The pointy-roofed "water intake tower" at the end of the suspension bridge is the symbol of Lake Sayama with its various faces. It looks like an old European castle floating on the lake, and is quite "stylish". You cannot enter the tower because it is used to pump water, but it is a popular photo spot.


  • A famous cherry blossom viewing spot with about 20,000 cherry trees in bloom.
  • The lake and Mt. Fuji in the setting sun are spectacular.
  • It is also famous as a lake where you can enjoy bird watching.
  • There is a fashionable and photogenic water intake tower.


  • Photogenic pointy-roofed water intake tower.

    Photogenic pointy-roofed water intake tower.

  • Lake Sayama, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot

    Lake Sayama, a famous cherry blossom viewing spot

  • The setting sun on the lake is spectacular.

    The setting sun on the lake is spectacular.


  • Keny Giri



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25-2 Shourakuji, Tokorozawa City, Saitama
04-2998-9155 (Commerce and Tourism Division, Industry and Economy Department, Tokorozawa City)
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(1)About a 15-minute walk from Seibukyujo-mae Station on the Seibu Sayama Line.
(2)About 10 minutes drive from Iruma Interchange on Ken-O Expressway (Metropolitan Area Central Connecting Expressway)
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