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Okegawa Benibana Field (safflower field)

Okegawa is an inn town dyed in red.

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Benibana, the city flower of Okegawa. The production of safflower in Okegawa started when Edo merchants brought the seeds to the city. Since then, Okegawa has prospered as a center of safflower production and an inn town on the Nakasendo highway.

After Yamagata Prefecture's Mogami Benibana, Okegawa's Benibana is known as Okegawa Enji and is the second largest producer in Japan, making it famous throughout the country. Today, the city of Okegawa is developing the city as a symbol of "Benibana. Benibana is planted in the Kawataya area (around the Okegawa City Agricultural Center) and the Kano area (around the Benibana Furusato-kan).

In mid-June, when the flowers are in full bloom, the "Benibana Festival" is held around the Okegawa Agricultural Center. At the "Benibana Picking Garden", you can view the benibana fields and participate in benibana picking experiences. At the Kawataya Lifelong Learning Center, visitors can try their hand at Benibana dyeing. The Benibana Furusato-kan is open all year round and has a restaurant and hands-on classes. Let's go to Okegawa, which is dotted with spots where you can experience benihana from every angle!


  • The name "Okegawa dark red" is well known throughout Japan.
  • Benibana is the symbol of Okegawa City.
  • The "Benibana Festival" is held in mid-June.
  • The Benibana Festival is held in mid-June, and visitors can pick and dye benihana flowers.


  • At the Benibana Picking Garden, you can pick your own benibana

    At the Benibana Picking Garden, you can pick your own benibana

  • Benibana fields spread out all over the place

    Benibana fields spread out all over the place



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
4414 Kawataya, Okegawa City, Saitama (Okegawa City Agricultural Center)
048-776-8590 (Okegawa City Tourism Association)
Flowering period
Mid-June to Late June (flowering period varies depending on weather and temperature)
Entrance fee
Depends on the facility
(1) About 9 minutes by bus from Okegawa Station on the JR Takasaki Line, and about 7 minutes on foot after getting off the bus.
(2) About 3 minutes by car from the Okegawa-Kitamoto Interchange on the Ken-O Expressway.
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Official Website (Japanese)