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Babadaimon no Keyaki Namiki

Japan's only National Natural Monument designated for its lined streets of Zelkova trees.

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Keyaki Namiki (two rows of Zelkova trees along the avenue) is a 500-meter long walkup that's flanked with over 120 Zelkova trees. The avenue serves as a promenade that leads to Okunitama-jinja Shrine, and remains the sole National Natural Monument in Japan to be designated for its Zelkova trees.

The tree-lined walk boasts a few different origin stories. One includes the story of samurai Minamoto no Yoshiie and his father Minamoto no Yoriyoshi, who first prayed here before heading north to battle in Tohoku, but returned to donate saplings after returning safely at the end of the Heian Period (beginning of the 11th century). In the Edo Period (17th century), zelkova trees were planted when Tokugawa Ieyasu donated a horse-riding ground.

The oldest tree is a staggaring 400 years old. It stands next to the main tori-i gate at Okunitama-jinja Shrine, set off to the right when facing the main worship hall.
There was once a time when this road served as a marketplace for buying horses, including a paddock that provided horse appraisals. The neighboring area has served as home to many ranches in the past and raised many fast horses.
In the spring, the Keyaki Namiki road becomes a lush, green color, drawing many local crowds.


  • Only National Natural Monument in Japan to be designated for its line of zelkova trees.
  • Various events held throughout the year.
  • Illumination event held at year end.
  • Oldest zelkova tree dates to approx. 400-years-old.



  • Babadaimon no Keyaki Namiki

    Babadaimon no Keyaki Namiki

  • The wide open, easy-to-stroll walk

    The wide open, easy-to-stroll walk

  • A statue of Minamoto no Yoshiie

    A statue of Minamoto no Yoshiie

  • A statue of Minamoto no Yoshiie

    A statue of Minamoto no Yoshiie

  • Monument commemorating Kyoshi Takahama

    Monument commemorating Kyoshi Takahama

  • Koshin Tower

    Koshin Tower


  • 安安


  • Miao


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