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Fumon-ji Temple

Worshipped as the god of eyes and sight.

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The Yakushi Nyorai Buddha is enshrined at this temple, which was rebuilt from the ruins of a temple once destroyed by war in 1537. It's believed to ward off plague and sickness, while also protecting against disasters. Fumon-ji is called the ”Me no Yakushisama", as its known for healing sicknesses of the "me", or "eyes".

There is an event held on Sept. 12th of every year, where guests eat an "ome-dama" (2 white dango treats that resemble eyes) as a way to ward off any sickness of the eyes.

There's also a large ginkgo tree on the premises that blooms from December to January in a bright, stunning hue of gold.


  • Known for the god of eyes and sight.
  • Visit on Sept. 12th each year to try an "omedama" treat made with two white dango.
  • The temple grounds are home to a massive Ginkgo tree that blooms beautifully between December and January.



  • Fumon-ji Temple

    Fumon-ji Temple

  • View of the grounds

    View of the grounds

  • The temple Ginkgo tree blooming in a gorgeous golden hue

    The temple Ginkgo tree blooming in a gorgeous golden hue



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3-17-1 Miyamachi, Fuchu City, Tokyo
3 min walk from Fuchu-Keiba-Seimon-Mae Station on the Keio Keibajo Line.
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