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Chiba Makuhari Seaside Park

Amazing large park in Chiba surrounded by greenery, including “Mihamaen”, a quaint Japanese garden.

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Located in the middle of Makuhari New City, the park’s theme is “surrounded by greenery and sea.” In seven areas from A to G, the facilities include a large lawn, one of the largest floral clocks in Japan, a Japanese garden, and a tea room.

At the floral clock on the large lawn - a well-known symbol of the park - you can enjoy flowers specific to each season. There is an outdoor fitness equipment space, too, and a playground area with a zipline and climbing net; here you can have fun playing with your kids.

In the park is a “Mihamaen,” a 16 thousand square meter Japanese pond strolling garden; artfully designed with a garden path around a large pond, and and carefully planted to create a beautiful landscape for each season. In the park’s ponds, you can see colorful carp swimming gracefully and feed them if you wish. At the tea room Shoraitei, they offer traditional Japanese seasonal sweets and a matcha tea set at table setting. Enjoy a Japanese cultural experience in the authentic tea room.


  • Different types of open spaces including a Japanese garden.
  • In Mihamaen, You can experience Japanese cultural events such as koto performances, the garden and tea room tour.
  • A very pleasant walking time on ”Makuhari beach” next to the park.
  • Located in the middle of Makuhari New City and easy to access.
  • In the BBQ area, all necessary equipment, food, and beverages are available. It’s near the station and no preparation needed.


  • Chiba Makuhari Seaside Park

    Chiba Makuhari Seaside Park

  • “Floral clock”, a symbol of the park

    “Floral clock”, a symbol of the park

  • “Mihamaen”, a Japanese garden

    “Mihamaen”, a Japanese garden


  • 陳苡姍



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Hibino, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba
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*For details of each facility, please refer to the official website.
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*For details of each facility, please refer to the official website.
10-minute walk from South Exit of Kaihinmakuhari Station, JR Keiyo Line
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