Atami Onsen

Japan’s first hot spring health resort was created at this popular hot spring town.

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Hot spring resort

This hot spring resort in Atami City, Shizuoka boasts over 500 source springs. 90% of them is the high-temperature spring over 42°C that is supposed to have thicker effective mineral content. The spring is said to have been opened in 749. According to the legend, the hot water springing from the ocean floor prevented fishing and Reverend Mangan of Hakone Gongen Shrine prayed to Yakushi Nyorai and had the underground waterway moved to the land of Oyu Kankessen (geyser). In 1885, Iwakura Tomomi, a famous government officer, treated his illness in Atami, which led to the opening of Japan’s first hot spring health center there.

Atami Onsen’s history cannot be told without Atami Shichito (seven hot springs), which used to be one of the world’s three greatest geysers. Now the natural geyser is not working, but there is a monument that reminds of the active days near Yuzen Shrine on Ginza Street. Stop by and feel the prospering times of Atami’s hot springs.

Atami’s hot spring itself is clear and has no odor. It is said to have moisturizing and beautifying effects on the skin. For 1,200 years, this has been a stable source spring that Atami’s resort cannot exist without. If you come to Atami, try it yourself at a number of public baths.


  • One of the famous and historical hot springs in Japan.
  • Japan’s first hot spring health resort was created here.
  • High-temperature springs are said to have higher effective mineral content.
  • There are a number of public baths.


  • Oyu Geyser monument recreates what it used to look like

    Oyu Geyser monument recreates what it used to look like


  • 王秀秀


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Atami City, Shizuoka
0557-86-6000 (Atami City Office)
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Depend on facilities
From JR Tokaido Main Line, Atami Station, walk a short distance
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