Give a body care with an oil-containing beauty care that is recommended by a Japanese fashion model!

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Hot summer has ended and cool autumn with comfortable temperature has arrived in Japan. At this time of the season, our skin has an accumulation of damage due to dry air from air conditioner, strong UVs, etc. from the past summer. Heading towards dry winter without giving treatment to the skins that are damaged in summer can cause so much trouble onto your skin. Therefore Japanese females, who are conscious about beautiful skin, give thorough treatment to their skins in autumn.

Let us introduce you one of the popular skin care items among Japanese women. It is called “Mandom Oil in Body Milk”. The product is made lavishly using two types of aesthetic oils (macadamia oil & shea butter) and three kinds of moisturizers. The body milk allows you to easily introduce oil-using aesthetics to your life, which has been drawing attentions to have a barrier on the surface of skins to contain moisture. This is exactly what you need as a measure to prevent dry skin in autumn!

From left: Mandom
Oil in Body Milk White Jasmine
Oil in Body Milk Floral Bouquet
Oil in Body Milk Fruity Cocktail
240ml (each) Suggested retail price ¥850 (excl. tax)

However, it is difficult to try the products easily when they are available only in Japan currently. So this time, we have asked a Japanese fashion model as a special case to try Mandom Oil in Body Milk. Minami Asano, a model who appears Japanese famous fashion magazines, televisions and advertisements, declares herself as an aesthetic product fanatic after having tried so many beauty products. Let’s see how she likes the body milk…!?

Firstly, Minami spotted the unique packages. She was excited saying, “The appearance is very important for everyday-use body care products! The packages designed with Disney princesses are so cute that makes me excited every time I use them”. It seems that people with a high-level of a sense of beauty care not only about their own appearance but also the designing of the products they use.

Minami expressed her impression after the use giving a high score as she stated, “The fragrances are sweet and fresh yet they give me a sense of briskness! Oil-using aesthetics are very popular among fashion models at the moment, but we don’t really like a sticky feeling of it especially when it’s still hot… But this Oil in Body Milk is non-sticky yet very easy to use while maintaining a high level of a moisturizing feature”.

Then the fashion model continued to use the product for one week. “I used it both in the mornings and at night as it is not sticky. I was using it as a treatment to my skins that have been damaged by dry air from air-conditioners and UVs, but then I have realized that the product has an aesthetic effect, too”. It seems that the quality of the products is confirmed.

We also like to introduce you a new product from Mandom called “Mandom Dear Flora Oil in Body Cream”, which was released in August this year. Their package is also designed with Disney princesses. Flower oil complexes with high moisturizers (the natural plant oils from lavender, rosemary and olive. The oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, and fruits) are lavishly used as ingredients.

From left: Mandom
Dear Flora Oil in Body Cream Dreamy White
Dear Flora Oil in Body Cream Graceful Bouquet
Dear Flora Oil in Body Cream Fruity Floral
180g (each) Suggested retail price ¥850 (excl. tax)

Minami Asano has tried this Oil in Body Cream, too. She liked it saying, “I feel that the cream moisturizes skins more than the Oil in Body Milk. I recommend them to those with very dry skins and those who live in countries with less humidity.”

Professional models never recommend low quality products as they are proudly conscious about their beauty. Yet these products have been highly regarded by them, so maybe it’s worth paying attentions? It is good to buy some typical souvenirs when you are on holiday in Japan, however, new products like these are also highly recommended!
(the products in this article can be found at drug stores, home centers, supermarkets in Japan)