Perfect for Souvenirs! Introducing DAISO and Can Do’s Folding Fans! – A review of affordable items

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Who doesn’t want to buy lovely yet affordable stuff!? If you love a good deal, keep reading this series—it’s for you! I will keep you updated on all the best finds from a variety of Japan’s popular 100 yen and 300 yen shops!
This time, I’ll introduce each of DAISO and Can Do’s folding fans!

DAISO and Can Do’s Folding Fans
DAISO and Can Do’s Folding Fans

Folding Fans

100 yen each (Tax excl.)

Every year when summer rolls around, I buy a folding fan at 100-yen shops.
Lots of different patterns are released each year, so it’s always fun to pick out your favorites!

This year I bought one fan each from DAISO and Can Do!

DAISO Folding Fan, English Pattern
DAISO Folding Fan, English Pattern

This is DAISO’s English-words patterned fan. It’s made out of paper.
It’s cute with a pop design.

Can Do Folding Fan, Constellation Pattern
Can Do Folding Fan, Constellation Pattern

This is Can Do’s constellation pattern. It’s made with a polyester material.
Constellations and space-focused designs have been in-vogue lately.

Folded Fan
Folded Fan

When folded, the fans are extremely compact and easy to carry around.

At 100 yen apiece, these designs and quality are a bargain! They’re also great for gifts.
These fans will get me through the summer heat this year!

This is DAISO’s folding fan corner. There are plenty of varieties available!
They have both paper and cloth fans, and there are at least 50 different patterns for sale!
You’ll be sure to find the perfect fan for you!



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