Enjoy Incredibly Fresh “Tsukami Sushi” at Osaka’s Endo Sushi!

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Endo Sushi is a sushi restaurant with a long history of over 100 years.
It is a popular establishment, known for its unique sushi rice, known as “tsukami sushi,” and its fresh toppings.
Tsukami sushi is a unique way to shape sushi rice, lightly grasping the still-warm rice before placing the toppings on, which is characterized by the unique texture as the rice gently falls apart in your mouth.

Kyobashi Store Exterior
Kyobashi Store Exterior

In addition to the main location at the Osaka Central Fish Market, there is also a Kyobashi location at Osaka City’s Keihan Mall.
This time, I visited the Kyobashi store, easily reached directly from the station.

There was an interview article with the store owner hung up.
There was an interview article with the store owner hung up.

The interior of the restaurant was stylish.
There weren’t too many customers, and there was a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Draft Beer
Draft Beer

I started my order off with a draft beer.

I was seated at the counter, so the case full of toppings was right in front of me.
You can apply soy sauce to your sushi by brushing it on.

The Most Popular Item! Ue Maze (5 Chef’s Choice Pieces)

Ue Maze (Chef’s Choice, 5pc) 1,134 yen (tax incl.)

Kanpachi, Toro, Ika, Uni, Anago

The toppings used for the ue maze change with each order. You can also let them know which toppings you prefer.
The toppings are large, while there is not much rice.
There was grated daikon with ponzu on top of the kanpachi, which was very refreshing.


The anago is served as pressed sushi. The eel is gently simmered, and it deliciously melts in your mouth.


The scent of the ocean!
The uni is creamy and meshes deliciously with the rice!

Soy Sauce Brushed On
Soy Sauce Brushed On

I quickly brushed the toro with soy sauce, then stuffed the enormous piece into my mouth.
It was just bursting with fatty goodness!

Their Specialty “Aka Dashi”

Aka Dashi
Aka Dashi

Aka Dashi 324 yen (tax incl.)

The aka dashi is one of their specialty dishes that most guests order with their meal.

Packed with Freshwater Clams
Packed with Freshwater Clams

The soup is packed with freshwater clams, adding extra flavor.
It also has a prevalent myoga ginger fragrance to it; delicious!

Ordering “Ue Maze” a Second Time!

Ue Maze

The toppings this time were octopus, red clam, scallop, toro, and conger eel.

It felt like the toppings I got were more luxurious than those in the first order.
It is chef’s choice, after all, so part of the fun is wondering what you’re going to get.

Conger Eel

My beloved conger eel. The slices to cut up the tiny bones was also performed perfectly, leaving a fluffy end product.
It pairs amazingly with the flavor of the plum pulp!

I wanted to order even more, but I was stuffed after two orders.
Everything was amazingly fresh and I left super satisfied!

Basic information on Endo Sushi

Keihan Mall 5F, 2-1-38 Higashinodacho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka City
Connected to Keihan Railway’s “Kyobashi Station” – Directly after getting off at JR Subway “Kyobashi Station”
Business Hours
11 am – 10 pm (L.O. 9:30 pm)
Open 365 days


Birth place: Osaka prefecture


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