Rich, Adult Flavors of “Tokyo Funwari Chocolat” as a Tokyo Souvenir

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Written by  YUKA

I got these delicious-looking chocolate treats as a Tokyo souvenir.
Apparently this “Tokyo Funwari Chocolat” is being sold at Haneda Airport and Tokyo Station!

They come in boxes of 5, 8, and 12.

They’re even individually wrapped!
They’re even individually wrapped!

The packaging gives off an air of quality, and they’d make great gifts for coworkers and the like.

The sweets themselves have a diameter of about 4cm and are around 2.5cm thick.
They look small, but they’re decently thick.

They’re shaped like cute macaroons!
A thick piece of ganache-like chocolate is sandwiched between two cocoa-flavored cookies.


The cookies are fluffy and airy.
The chocolate inside is sticky and rich, but it’s refreshing with a hint of orange!
There’s also raspberry jam spread on, giving it a fruity and high-quality flavor.
Overall, they’re very sweet and rich, but they’re small individually so they end up being quite satisfying.

Product name in Japanese
Shinjuku Nakamuraya
Available at
Haneda Airport, Tokyo Station
4pcs 650 yen / 8pcs 1,080 yen / 12pcs 1,620 yen (tax incl)
102 kcal
Shelf Life
about 20 days