Introducing the Perfect Souvenir from Hokkaido! Sanporoku no Kowari, a Baumkuchen Cake Resembling a Birch Tree

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Written by  Chigusa

The famous Japanese treat, Sanporoku, is a Baumkuchen cake made to look like a Japanese white birch tree. Sanporoku no Kowari is a smaller version of the same cake, divided into pieces that are easy to eat, making it the perfect souvenir gift!

This cake is made of flour, butter, sugar and eggs, all produced in Hokkaido. Having won the highest-ranked Gold Medal of the Monde Selection contest, its taste is also guaranteed to please!

The package (5 pieces)
The package (5 pieces)

You see a little plastic saw!
It's so playful and imaginative!

The surface of the cake is covered with two colors of chocolate to make it look like the bark of a Japanese white birch tree.
It looks just like a real one!

Feel Like a Lumberjack!

It's so much fun!
It's so much fun!

At long last, I cut it open. It's so much fun! Both children and adults will delight in this playful treat.
The cake is fine and moist!
Its elegant taste, not too sweet, is really delicious!
Besides this plain cake, a variety of flavors are offered, such as chocolate and maple.

Product name in Japanese
5pcs: ¥600 / 10pcs: ¥1,200 / 18pcs: ¥ 2,160 yen (including tax)
112.6 calories per piece
Shelf Life
about 21 days