A Japanese confectionary shop where you can experience the extravagant marriage between the wagashi with sake.

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Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

A small Japanese confectionary shop situated within a residential area. Here, a marriage between seasonal traditional Japanese sweets using ingredients obtained directly from the farmers and unique sake is proposed. Although there are many customers who visit to shop for souvenirs, one can also enjoy freshly made sweets.

For their flagship sweet, dorayaki, a red bean paste from Hokkaido dainagon beans is paired with seasonal fruit confiture. Including the classic lemon from Setouchi Iwagi island, there are always five kinds of fruit confiture prepared.

Come and experience an extravagant pairing between carefully selected sake, which the shop owner personally purchased from a sake brewery and traditional Japanese sweets.


  • The best seller is the “lemon dorayaki” containing a lemon confiture, which has an exquisite taste of sweet red bean paste and refreshing lemon.
  • As well as Japanese sake, there are also authentic Chinese teas.
  • Check the official website before you visit, as they can be closed due to events and workshops.


  • The entrance
  • The entrance
  • Inside the shop
  • Dorayaki lemon.  One for 300 yen (excl. tax)
  • Dorayaki set
  • Mini dorayaki set (an image of a sample arrangement)
  • Mini dorayaki set
  • An assortment (an image of a sample arrangement)
  • An assortment


  • 何家瑜


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Name in Japanese
和菓子 薫風
Postal Code
2-24-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 1:30pm-8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday. 1:30pm-7:00pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday / varying holidays on Saturday and Sunday.
About a 3 minute walk from the Dangozaka exit of the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line’s Sendagi Station
Official Website
Official Website (English)