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Nippori Fabric Town

Tokyo's largest textile district. A sacred place for those who love handmade and sewing!

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Located about 3 minutes on foot from JR Nippori Station, Nippori Fabric Town is centered around Nippori Central Street and spans about 1 kilometer with about 90 fabric shops. This area attracts shoppers from all over the country, from beginners in handcrafts to professionals in the fashion industry, as it offers a wide range of materials, fabrics, and fashion-related accessories.

The main street, Nippori Central Street, is lined with a variety of specialty stores that offer textile materials, leather, accessories, buttons, patterns, sewing, and accessories. Since there is such a wide range of products that you can't see them all in one day, it is essential to thoroughly research the stores that fit your purpose! There are also shops with unique product lineups off the main street in the "Back Nippori" and "Deep Nippori" areas, so be sure to check them out.

The items available at the fashion shops in the textile town are popular among young people because they are cheap and cute. They have been called "Nipo-Kaji (Nippori Casual)" and have become a topic of discussion on new SNS and in the media.

Every autumn, the "Nippori Fashion Design Contest" is held, and many works are submitted by students and general participants who aspire to be active in the fashion industry. The next generation of fashion is being launched from Nippori, the city of textiles.


  • One of the largest textile towns in Tokyo, where a wide range of fabrics and materials can be obtained at reasonable prices.
  • Fashion shops with a wealth of cheap items are the origin of "Nipo-Kaji".
  • The "Nippori Fashion Design Contest" is held in the fall.



  • Nippori Central Street is lined with fabric shops

    Nippori Central Street is lined with fabric shops

  • Entrance of Nippori Fabric Town

    Entrance of Nippori Fabric Town

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Do you have signs or pamphlets in foreign languages? (If you do, which languages are available?)


There is a Nippori Fabric Town Map in English (downloadable from the website, available at member stores, Nippori Police Box, etc.)


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


Available at Flat Nippori (Arakawa Ward Nippori District Activation Facility), Nippori Tourist Information Office (immediately from JR/Keisei Nippori Station ticket gate), near 5-45 Higashi Nippori (Nippori Central Street)


Are coin lockers available?


Inside Nippori Station


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Name in Japanese
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Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo (Nippori Central Street)
Varies by store
Varies by store
1) About 3 minutes on foot from JR Yamanote Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Keisei Line Nippori Station
2) About 5 minutes on foot from JR Uguisudani Station, Mikawashima Station
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