Enjoy Luxurious “Hiyaten Oroshi” Sanuki Udon at the Source.


Kagawa Prefecture is so packed with famous sanuki udon restaurants that it’s earned the nickname “Udon Prefecture.” Among these restaurants is the extremely popular “Okasen.”

Their most popular dish is their trademarked original “hiyaten oroshi” udon. It is a super-luxurious take on sanuki udon, with two giant tempura shrimp sticking out of the bowl and resting atop freshly-cooked udon noodles that have been shocked with cold water. Not only does the dish look spectacular, but its components are all in perfect harmony – the noodles are perfectly chewy and go down easy, the tempura are hot and crispy, and the soup’s broth is pleasantly mellow. The secret ingredient, lemon, also helps to stir up your appetite!

You can also enjoy the chewy texture of sanuki udon noodles here through classic sanuki udon dishes that udon fans are sure to love, like “kijoyu (cold)” and “kamaue.” We also recommend trying their summer-exclusive dishes “niku-hiyashi” and “ume-hiyashi,” as well as their winter-exclusive “nabeyaki”!


  • A sanuki udon restaurant that often has lines outside, super popular even in the home of sanuki udon Kagawa Prefecture.
  • Their most popular dish is the luxurious take on sanuki udon “hiyaten oroshi,” which has been registered with a trademark.
  • Various dishes available, from standard to seasonal.
  • Many sanuki udon restaurants are self-service, but Okasen has thorough staff-based service.
  • The interior is decorated with a Japanese style, making it popular with foreign tourists.


  • The luxurious Okasen-original take on sanuki udon, “hiyaten oroshi”

    The luxurious Okasen-original take on sanuki udon, “hiyaten oroshi”

  • A simple and classic dish, “kijoyu (cold)”

    A simple and classic dish, “kijoyu (cold)”

  • “Kamaue,” a dish that lets you fully enjoy the traits of the noodles

    “Kamaue,” a dish that lets you fully enjoy the traits of the noodles

  • Restaurant interior

    Restaurant interior


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
129-10 Hama8bancho, Ayautagun Utazucho, Kagawa
Business Hours
Mondays and Tuesdays (open on public holidays)
500 yen -1,000 yen
About a 12-minute walk from the JR Yosan Line’s Utazu Station
Credit Cards
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)