A Look at Great Products from Seiko, the Definitive Name in Japanese Wristwatches

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Made-in-Japan products have become universally synonymous with high quality. Here we take a look at leading Japanese wristwatch manufacturer Seiko. Seiko launched Laurel, Japan's first wrist watch, in 1913, and has continued to make high-quality watches over more than 100 years since. Alongside mechanical watches that preserve the company's traditional craftsmanship, Seiko has developed innovative products that include the world's first quartz watch and GPS solar watch. In the area of Japanese watches, Seiko has been what some might call a history maker.

This article looks at those watches that, from among Seiko's many products, come recommended for especially people visiting Japan.

For men: the PRESAGE series

This made in Japan, self-winding wrist watch series brings a modern sensibility to the captivating nature of traditional mechanical watches. These watches blend elegance and toughness with the versatile functionality we expect from Seiko. A series recommended for men looking for the real deal.

For women: the LUKIA series

Recommended especially for working women in their 20s and 30s, this made-in-Japan mechanical watch couples a comfortable design with exceptional functionality made possible by advanced technologies. A flexible and lightweight piece that enlivens the wrist of women who make the most of both their on and off time.

Although Seiko wrist watches can be purchased at department stores and watch stores, there is one store we would like to highlight.

Ginza Wako
Renowned both in Japan and around the world, Ginza is home to numerous stores dealing in top-shelf brands. No doubt many travelers to Japan are looking to buy such items as apparel and handbags. Wrist watches are an important accompaniment to these kinds of fashion accessories. Those who dress to impress will want a watch that perfectly complements everything else they just purchased. For such people we recommend Wako, located in the center of Ginza.

Wako's main building is known as a Ginza landmark. In addition to watches, you will find products that range from clocks to jewelry, men’s and women’s goods, and interior decor--all quality items specially selected from Japan or overseas with a discerning eye. Visitors here will enjoy the very best service and experience a commitment to quality refined over a long history and tradition. There are also tax-free items. Chinese and English speaking staff make for an even more pleasant shopping experience.


Address:4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Closed:Open every day (except the end-of-year and New Year holidays)
Accepted Cards:American Express / Diners / JCB / MasterCard / Visa / UnionPay

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