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The sole one Michelin star restaurant in Miyajima, with its exquisite Anagomeshi (conger eel over rice).

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Fujitaya, established in 1902, is a long-established restaurant serving “Anagomeshi”, located in the residential area near Itsukushima Shrine. Miyajima’s local dish Anagomeshi, is a Donburi (rice bowl) cuisine with conger eel that has been cut open along the back, brushed with a soy based sauce, grilled and placed over rice.

Fujitaya is famous, the only Michelin one star restaurant in Miyajima. The main dish is exclusively Anagomeshi (comes with Osuimono, a light broth with seafood and/or vegetables, and Japanese pickles). Other dishes include a few small side dishes, and several kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Only wild conger eel from Miyajima are used, in particular, those weighing 100-120 grams that are said to taste exceptionally good. Because numbers are limited, the restaurant can close early once it is sold out. When you remove the wooden lid from the piping hot Donburi, you’ll find it packed with succulent conger eel. Its fragrance is appetizing. One can enjoy a warm meal until the end as the bowl is very hot.

Because it is a popular restaurant, it is common to have to add your name to the waiting list and wait for your turn to be seated. We recommend going with plenty of time to spare.


  • It is famous, the only restaurant in Miyajima to receive one Michelin star.
  • Only wild conger eel from Miyajima are used. The succulent conger eel is exquisite.
  • It is common for a line to form outside the restaurant before opening. Put your name down on the waiting list and wait for your turn.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to visit the restaurant, as being seated and food preparation take a long time.


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  • Anagomeshi


  • Anagomeshi comes with Osuimono and Japanese pickles

    Anagomeshi comes with Osuimono and Japanese pickles

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    The interior

  • The interior

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  • 周琬婷



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
125-2 Miyajimacho, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima
Business Hours
※ The restaurant is closed once sold out.
Irregular holidays
2500 yen (excluding tax)
Get off at the JR Sanyo Main Line Miyajimaguchi Station. About 10 minutes aboard the Miyajima Ferry to Miyajima Sanbashi. About 15 minutes on foot from there.
Credit Cards
Not accepted