Ponshukan Niigata

A one-stop-shop to taste sake from every brewery across Niigata Prefecture.

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Japanese sake

Niigata Prefecture is home to Japan’s largest number of sake breweries and one special spot, Ponshukan, the one-stop-shop where you can taste and shop brands from every one of them. There are actually three different Ponshukan locations in Niigata, but the branch inside JR Niigata Station is especially convenient.

The store is divided into three areas: the sake area, the complex area, and the craftsmanship area.
At the Kikizake Bansho (sake tasting room) in the sake area, you can pay 500 yen for five tokens to explore any five sakes you would like. If you’re in the mood for more, make sure to swing by Kaku-uchi, the sake bar located inside the complex area that serves not only sake, but a full variety of dishes to pair. Inside the same complex you’ll also find the famous “bakudan onigiri” (bombshell rice ball), a supersized, 9cm diameter rice ball that packs enough grains for 2 bowls of tasty rice and plenty of mouthwatering fillings.
In the craftsmanship area, you’ll find an eclectic lineup of specialty wares and goods.

With its convenient, onsite location, you can easily swing by and explore some sake while at the station. There are also numerous non-alcoholic options, including delicious Niigata-brand rice, miso, sweets and other souvenirs to browse.


  • You can taste sake from all of the breweries in Niigata Prefecture.
  • The store is directly connected to Niigata Station for especially easy access.
  • Wallet-friendly prices so you can enjoy even more sake.
  • Sweets and specialty goods are also available to browse.
  • Find plenty of local foods and craft sake at Ponshukan Uonuma Kamakura, the restaurant located on the 1st floor.


  • Ponshukan


  • Kikizake Bansho (sake tasting room)

    Kikizake Bansho (sake tasting room)

  • Kikizake Bansho (sake tasting)

    Kikizake Bansho (sake tasting)

  • Echigo Uonuma Shoten (souvenir store)

    Echigo Uonuma Shoten (souvenir store)

  • Complex


  • Kaku-uchi sake bar

    Kaku-uchi sake bar

  • Bakudan Onigiri (bombshell rice ball)

    Bakudan Onigiri (bombshell rice ball)

  • Craftsmanship



  • Pei Pei


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Name in Japanese
ぽんしゅ館 新潟驛店
Postal Code
CoCoLo Niigata West Building, 1-96-47 Hanazono, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata
Closed Days
Business Hours
*Business hours vary among different areas
Just steps from the West Ticket Gate at Niigata Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line
Official Website
Official Website (English)