Ramen Toyoko Shichikuyama Honten

A famous shop serving Niigata’s rich miso ramen.


Niigata is home to 5 varieties of locally acclaimed “Niigata Top 5 Ramen”, a category which includes the rich miso ramen variety beloved for its big, bold flavor. Ramen Toyoko is the go-to place to visit when it comes to rich miso ramen.

Each bowl features an extra rich soup base made with Niigata special “echigo miso (a high-end, local miso variety made with Niigata brand rice), extra-thick noodles made in house using a rice-flour blend, and other select ingredients for their house recipe.
If the flavor is too rich, there are kettles of plain broth available to lighten your soup, but we recommend at least trying a bite, as is, to start. If it is still too salty or the soup begins to cool, try adding a little broth at a time until you find the perfect taste.

Even after your noodles are gone, try adding extra broth to what’s left in your bowl for a lip-smacking soup that’s good to the very last drop.
There are a few different branches across the Niigata’s city center. However, the Shichikuyama flagship location is especially large with plenty of counter, floor, and table seating for you to kick back and enjoy.


  • A shop famous for rich miso ramen, one of Niigata’s ramen specialties.
  • Made with a miso sauce of echigo miso, soy sauce, and aromatic vegetables mixed and aged in house.
  • Handcrafted noodles made with a secret blend of wheat, rice, tapioca, and other flours for an unbeatable texture.
  • Use the broth kettles on hand to adjust the richness of your bowl and enjoy it to the last drop.
  • Multiple branches located across the center of Niigata City.


  • Street view

    Street view

  • The original Niigata rich miso ramen – The previous owner’s specialty

    The original Niigata rich miso ramen – The previous owner’s specialty

  • Extra broth available to adjust the richness of your bowl

    Extra broth available to adjust the richness of your bowl

  • House special miso sauce

    House special miso sauce

  • Handcrafted extra thick-cut noodles

    Handcrafted extra thick-cut noodles


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Name in Japanese
ラーメン東横 紫竹山本店
Postal Code
1-8-20 Shichikuyama, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata
Business Hours
Irregular holidays
700-1,000 yen
Approx. 7-minute taxi ride from Niigata Station on the Joetsu Shinkansen Line
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)