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A commercial complex under the elevated railway tracks with restaurants, stores, and a supermarket.

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A commercial facility of JR-West, “VIERRA”, has been mainly opened under elevated railway tracks or in station buildings. “VIERRA” is a coined word in Spanish with “Vida (life)” and “Tierra (the earth)”, this word was made with a desire that this facility would be useful, convenient, and familiar to people.

VIERRA Nara was opened in 2010 with the elevation of JR Nara station and is a two-storied building with 5,300 square meters of floor space comprising 22 facilities such as restaurants and shops. Various shops line up and have pleased the local people as well as tourists, for example, a supermarket, a 100 yen shop (where you can buy anything for 100 yen), a bakery, a sake shop selling over 200 types of sake from Nara, where the first sake was made in Japan, and souvenir shops.

A space of the building was designed combining images of historical scenery of a sightseeing spot, “Nara-machi”, and the brilliant atmosphere of an old city, Nara. A monument is placed which is inspired with a flaming torch used in a Buddhism ritual, “Omizutori”, held in “Nigatsu-Do” of “Todaiji temple”. Don't miss visiting here during sightseeing in Nara.


  • A commercial complex is conveniently located under JR Nara station.
  • There are Japanese restaurants and souvenir shops offering local sake from Nara, where the first sake was made in Japan.
  • An antenna shop in Nara is also located here.
  • The interior design was inspired by the ancient city, Nara.


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1-1 Sanjohonmachi, Nara City, Nara
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Directly connected to JR Nara station.
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