An old city area centering on the former premises of Gangoji. Old townhouses built between the Edo and Meiji periods remained as they were and became an attractive sightseeing spot for walking around gathered with cafes and various shops.

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An old city area of Nara is a rare sightseeing place in Japan like Kyoto and Kanazawa. The old townhouses located in the area centering on the ancient precinct of Gangoji remained as they were when they were built between the Edo and Meiji periods, which makes you feel a retro atmosphere while walking.

Being built as the outer capital of Heijokyo (the capital city of the Nara period) is the origin and this town and surrounding many Buddhism temples maintained their development even after moving the capital to Heiankyo (the capital city of the Heian period) in 794. In the middle of the Edo period, the area around Sarusawa Pond thrived as a post town for “Oise-mairi (pilgrimage to Ise-Jingu shrine)” and later became a center of a local industry until the middle of the Showa period. Currently, this town with a retro atmosphere has become an attractive sightseeing spot with cafes and various shops for a wide range of generations.

”The Naramachi House of Lattice Windows “ is a tourist information center replicated one of the townhouses which used to be located in a mixed manner around here. There is a resting space where you can feel an old tasted atmosphere. A walking path map and shop guide map are placed on the counter so visiting before exploring is recommended.

Red fabric ornaments hanging from the eaves of the townhouses and shops are charms called “Scapegoat Monkey”. This hanging charm is a tradition of “Koshin faith” remaining from the Edo period and has continued still now. This monkey is available to purchase at “Naramachi Museum” , a private museum telling the local history, so it will be a nice souvenir.


  • Townhouses built in the Edo and Meiji periods remain, in which you can enjoy a retro and elegant atmosphere.
  • A charm “Scapegoat Monkey” hanging from the eaves of the townhouses and shops has been a tradition of this town.
  • Cafes rebuilt from an old townhouse and various shops gather in this area.


  • “Naramachi Museum”  is recommended to drop by when you explore Naramachi.

    “Naramachi Museum” is recommended to drop by when you explore Naramachi.


  • 李建興


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
Cyuin Cho, Nara City and area around there
14 Nishino-shinyacho, Nara City, Nara (Naramachi Museum)
0742-22-5509 (Naramachi Museum)
Depend on facilities
Open all day long
1) A 15-minute walk from Nara Station on Kintetsu Line
2) A 25-minute walk from JR Nara Station
Credit Cards
Depend on facilities
Official Website
Official Website (English)