You can experience the real “Sake wonderland in Tokyo”! Have a great drunken time at Tateishi!

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29 Sep 2015
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If you have visited Tokyo few times in the past, this time you may want to try restaurants that are popular among local people rather than those for tourists located in a tourist spot. It is not fun if this article introduces just usual local stores. So, this series focuses on Katsushika-ku, which appears to be difficult to approach for first-timers, but it has a lot of restaurants, which satisfy you at a high level with deliciousness and price performance. In the next three articles, we introduce carefully selected restaurants that are secretly known as popular among Japanese people, in addition to long-established stores with a great presence.

Featured!! The Tateishi Area

Here are some carefully selected menus that go well with alcohol! Hope you relish these meals along with Japanese alcohol such as sake and shochu.

⑧Kushikatsu are 70 yen and up per skewer
Kushikatsu are foods made into bite-size pieces, skewered and deep-fried. You dip them in sauce before eating them.

▼You can enjoy this at “BILLIKEN”.
The stand-up style Kushikatsu restaurant is located approx. one minute on foot from Keisei Tateishi Station. Whatever types strike your fancy. Prawns, chicken and cheese are among the offerings.

【毘利軒 (BILLIKEN)】
Address:1-22-6 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku
Business hours:17:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30) Sat. & Hol.: 15:00-

⑨Grilled skewered offal (kushiyaki) ¥120 per skewer * one dish includes four skewers with the same meat
"Horumon" refers to the meat and organ meat of pigs, cows and the like. There may be people who are not a big fan of grilled offal, but they are delicious! Many people say they like offal rather than those meat used for steak. The prices are more reasonable, too.

▼You can enjoy this at “Horumon-Dojo”.
The Horumon at this restaurant is fresh, so it has no bad smell. Most of the customers are regulars, but don't be afraid to go inside.

【ホルモン道場 (Horumon-Dojo)】
Address:4-45-12 Higashi-tateishi, Katsushika-ku
Business hours:16:00-23:00

⑪「Assorted sashimi」 2,750 yen course ¥2,750「Assorted sashimi」 2,750 yen course ¥2,750
Because Japanese people often eat raw seafood, a delivery system in the nation is perfect to deliver food to shops maintaining the freshness. Thanks to that, Sashimi is always very fresh and delicious. Although some people simply cannot eat raw fish, many of them become addicted to it once they try it. Try various kinds of tastes with assorted Sashimi dish that includes several different types of seafood.

▼You can enjoy this at “Teppen-ya”.
This is an izakaya with delicious seafood. You will be very satisfied with the quality, amount and price. It is a large pub, so you can even bring your family along and relax a while.

【てっぺん屋 (Teppen-ya)】
Address:4-27-13 Tateishi, Katsushika-ku
Business hours:11:30-14:00/17:00-24:00 (L.O. 23:30)
Closed:None scheduled

Here are some rules for drinking at Tateishi. Local Japanese people will be impressed with your good behavior as long as you follow the rules!

(1) Don't linger over a drink too long.
(2) Bring small change. Don't try to pay with a 10,000 yen bill.
(3) Many of the pubs are small, so don't hog the seats.
(4) Watch the staff and time your orders so as not to inconvenience them.
(5) Just because it is cheap doesn't mean you should overdo it.

The location map of the above mentioned stores is shown below!

Let’s take off for Sen-bero experience at Tateishi!