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OH!!! ~Fermentation, Health, and the Magic of Food!!!~

Tastes good to eat! A theme park of fermented foods that make your body happy.

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This is a food theme park built under the theme of "fermentation" by a company that has been producing kimchi and asazuke in Japan since its establishment in 1977. Fermented foods, which have been on the tables of Japanese people for many years and have supported their health, are expected to improve the intestinal environment and boost immunity. This is a facility where you can eat and make such fermented foods, and have an amazing experience.

The restaurant "Femy_", with its large wood-fired oven, serves healthful dishes using seasonal ingredients and fermentation techniques. At the Piene Café, there are many delicatessen menus and sweets that make vegetables delicious through the fermentation power of lactic acid bacteria and Koji (Japanese malted rice). The appeal of these products is that they are made from domestically produced ingredients and do not use any white sugar or food additives.

The Parishaki (meaning crispy and crunchy) Laboratory offers a variety of workshops related to fermentation. Yawataya also sells freshly picked local vegetables as well as domestically produced and additive-free pickles. You can also take home fermented foods as souvenirs. Let's learn more about fermented foods and get healthier from the inside out!


  • The cafe menu is also available for take-out.
  • For souvenirs, we recommend the colorful and delicious lactic acid bacteria-infused amazake named "Vegetable Koji Amazake".
  • There are also seasonal workshops where you can make pickled plums and miso.
  • There is also a collaboration project with the neighboring Nojinji Temple. You can also experience Zen meditation and other ascetic practices.


  • Exterior of Piene Café

    Exterior of Piene Café

  • PieneCafé Piene Deli Plate (Piene is a type of lactic acid bacteria)

    PieneCafé Piene Deli Plate (Piene is a type of lactic acid bacteria)

  • PieneCafé Tart

    PieneCafé Tart

  • Vegetable koji (malted rice) amazake makes a great souvenir!

    Vegetable koji (malted rice) amazake makes a great souvenir!

  • Exterior view of Yawataya

    Exterior view of Yawataya

  • Yawataya sells Japanese pickles.

    Yawataya sells Japanese pickles.



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15 min. walk from Seibu-Ikebukuro Line Hanno Station.
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