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Tenugui specialty store ₋ Nijiyura Nakazaki-cho Main Store

Original Tenugui (hand towel) store from Sakai, Osaka, where craftsmen uses the traditional dyeing technique of “Chusen”.

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“Nijiyura” is a brand of Tenugui originating from Sakai, Osaka. The brand produces and releases original Tenugui and other items using the traditional "Chusen" dyeing technique.
The designs on the Tenugui are created by talented artists who are skilled in various categories, and the individuality of each artist shines through. The fabric used is "Yuki-sarashi," which is made in Japan is characterized by its smooth texture. Each craftsman dyes the "Yuki-sarashi" by hand, so the resulting texture is unique. You will be able to find your one and only piece.

In addition to Tenugui, there is a wide variety of items such as craft shirts, folding fans, bags and masks. Tenugui, with their classic patterns and pop designs of the four Japanese seasons, you can enjoy it in various ways such as displaying in a frame for interior decoration, wrap a bottle of wine and many other ways of arrangement.

Nakazakicho, where the main store is located, is a popular town with shops and retro cafes that have been renovated from Nagaya, old folk houses. Although it is only a 10-minute walk from Umeda, Osaka with its skyscrapers and tower apartments, the area still retains the atmosphere of the Showa period (1926-1989), and a stroll around the town while visiting Nijiyura is highly recommended.


  • The shop specialises in Tenugui hand towels made from Japanese Sarashi cloth "Yuki-sarashi", dyed using the technique of Chusen.
  • The classic and seasonal designs are created by artists who are active in various categories.
  • The main shop is located in Nakazaki-cho, a popular area lined with retro cafes and specialty shops.


  • Collection of Tenugui

    Collection of Tenugui

  • Bags


  • Masks


  • Process of Chusen dyeing technique

    Process of Chusen dyeing technique

  • A piece of Tenugui

    A piece of Tenugui

  • Inside the shop

    Inside the shop



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
104 Green city 1F, 4-1-7 Nakazakinishi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (open on public holidays)
Business Hours
1) 13 min. walk from Tenma Sta. on the JR Osaka Loop Line.
2) 18 min. walk from Osaka Station on JR Lines.
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)