NAGI Shinjuku Niboshi Golden-gai Honkan

Popular Niboshi Ramen by Nagi, a Wooden Tenement in Shinjuku Golden Gai

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Shoyu Ramen

If you walk a little down the alley behind the light-box of Shinjuku Golden Gai, you will find Nagi, the famous niboshi ramen restaurant.
The menu features “Awesome Niboshi (dried sardines) Ramen” and “Awesome Fisherman Tsukemen (dipping ramen)”.
Rich shoyu (soy sauce) broth and over 20 choice kinds of niboshi selected from the whole Japan are stewed to get the unique toppings of Nagi! More than 60g of niboshi are used for one bowl of ramen to bring out an unforgettable delicious flavor!
A sip of the broth can spread the aroma of the niboshi in your mouth! Then you cannot help but continuing savoring the delicacy.
The noodles are handmade medium-thick ones by Nagi. The scent of the broth clinging around the chewy noodles will linger in your mouth!
The ramen by Nagi has an exclusive kind of topping, dough strips (“いったん麺”). The thin and wide strips, being soft and smooth, taste like starch noodles. No other ramen restaurants offer such characteristic garnish.


  • The owner of Nagi has extensive experience of ramen as he used to be a manager of certain well-known ramen restaurant.
  • Shinjuku Golden Gai Strongly Reminiscent of the History.
  • If you have drunk nearby, a bowl of ramen here can finish the night perfectly.


  • Exterior


  • the famous niboshi ramen

    the famous niboshi ramen

  • The noodles are handmade medium-thick ones by Nagi

    The noodles are handmade medium-thick ones by Nagi


  • taitai wang


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Name in Japanese
すごい煮干ラーメン凪 新宿ゴールデン街店本館
Postal Code
2F G2 Street, Shinjuku Golden-gai, 1-1-10, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business hours
No holidays
(1) About a 3-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and Fukutoshin Line’s Shinjuku-sanchome statio
(2) About an 8-minute walk from the east exit of the JR Yamanote Line, JR Chuo Line’s Shinjuku Station
~1,000 yen
Credit Cards
Not accepted
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)