Osaka Festival of Lights
– Osaka Hikari no Renaissance –

A Light Arts Festival that Encompasses Nakanoshima’s Waterfront

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The “Osaka Festival of Lights” beautifully illuminates Osaka at night with fantastical glittering lights. One of the main programs of this festival is the “Osaka Hikari no Renaissance,” held in the Nakanoshima area.

Nakanoshima is an area sandwiched between the riverbanks of Dojima River and Tosahori River. The area is home to buildings designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan, including the Osaka Central Public Hall and Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library, which help to spread Osaka’s art and culture.

The entirety of Nakanoshima is enveloped in glittering lights, including a projection mapping display on Osaka Central Public Hall, featuring a dynamic production of lights, and Nakanoshima Illumination Street, where a stretch of about 150 meters of zelkova trees glisten with colors.


  • The Osaka Festival of Lights is made up of two core programs –“Osaka Hikari no Renaissance” and “Midosuji Illumination”– and several other area-specific programs.
  • We recommend taking commemorative photos on the benches decorated with illuminations. (Locations: Along the river at Nakanoshima Park River Theater)
  • The Osaka Central Public Hall, designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, is decorated with projection mapping.


  • Osaka Central Public Hall lit up

    Osaka Central Public Hall lit up

  • Osaka Festival of Lights – Osaka Hikari no Renaissance

    Osaka Festival of Lights – Osaka Hikari no Renaissance

  • Nakanoshima Illumination Street

    Nakanoshima Illumination Street

  • Osaka City Hall

    Osaka City Hall


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Name in Japanese
大阪・光の饗宴 OSAKA光のルネサンス2020
Postal Code
1 Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Around Osaka City Hall and Nakanoshima Park
Event Period
December 14th-25th 2021
Lights illuminated between
5:00pm - 10:00pm
(Certain contents available until 11:00pm)
1. Directly out of the Midosuji Line / Keihan Line’s Yodoyabashi Station
2. Directly out of the Sakaisuji Line / Keihan Line’s Kitahama Station
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)