Raika Shikunshiso

Enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine with a sense of the seasons

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Chinese restaurant

This restaurant produces a new form of Chinese cooking with a French style based on traditional Shanghai cuisine. You can enjoy natural and healthy food with a focus on the wonderful energy and vitality from vegetables.
Their representative menu item is their luxury shark fin dish cooked to preserve its original shape. Other popular items with genuine flavors include Chinese mitten crab, Peking duck, black vinegar sweet and sour pork, and more.
They list ingredients so as to provide extensive support with menu items for vegetarians.
Enjoy it with delicious wine and high quality Chinese tea.


  • Enjoy healthy Chinese cuisine that makes good use of vegetables.
  • Their "Shikunshi course" that only uses vegetable ingredients is recommended for vegetarians.
  • Their reasonably priced menu items for lunch on weekdays are a good value.
  • In addition to their "Chinese mitten crab course" offered for a limited time, they have a set of various other multi-course menu items.
  • They also have private rooms, and it is recommended for important dinners.


  • Inside view of the shop

    Inside view of the shop

  • Private rooms

    Private rooms

  • Private rooms

    Private rooms

  • Dishes made with carefully-selected ingredients

    Dishes made with carefully-selected ingredients

  • Shark fin

    Shark fin


  • 廖芷琳


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Name in Japanese
礼華 四君子草
Postal Code
3rd Floor of Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
New Year's Day, the first Wednesday in February, and the fourth Wednesday in August
Business Hours
11:30am-3:00pm(L.O. 2:00pm)、5:30pm-11:00pm(L.O. 9:00pm)
Lunch 3,000 yen -10,000 yen, Dinner 6,000-30,000 yen
Directly connected to Hibiya Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Hibiya Lines, and the Toei Mita Line
Credit Cards
Accepted(American Express, Diners Club, JCB, MasterCard, Visa)
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)