Birth place: Nagasaki prefecture

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I love trying out the shops with high reputation or restaurants that I’m curious about in Fukuoka and Nagasaki area. My only problem is that I tend to overeat...

in my 30’s
Birth place
Nagasaki prefecture
Favorite food
Tender meat, fresh sushi, Japanese sweets made by skillful sweet-makers
Food I hate
Walking and eating, manga
What I’m good at
What I’m not good at
Crowds, numbers
Where in Japan I recommend the most and why to travelers in Japan.
Fukuoka. It’s a gourmet city that has delicious rice. It’s also fun to visit the many tasteful clothing and miscellaneous goods shops there.
Favorite memory from traveling in Japan.
A festival called “Nagasaki Kunchi” was really interesting. Nagasaki has a deep and rich history, and it has an exotic atmosphere, so its streets are unique and beautiful.
Must do activity for visitors to Japan.
Japanese underground department stores (depachika) are like an amusement park of name-brand shops full of souvenirs and food!