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Fujiya Honten

130 years in business, the restaurant famous for Himokawa udon, Kiryu’s local food.

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Kiryu has been known for wheat production and there are many udon restaurants. Fujiya Head restaurant was opened in 1887 and is famous for Himokawa udon, Kiryu’s local food, which is thin and broad noodles anywhere between 5mm and over 15cm-wide.

The owner of the restaurant makes noodles with Gunma prefecture’s wheat flour. They are kneaded and rested for a long time. The 5cm-wide noodles are firm and smooth. Dip them in the restaurant’s secret sauce and enjoy.

Their famous menu is Curry Seiro Himokawa for 900 yen. It used to be served only in fall and winter, but upon requests from customers, they are served throughout the year now. The curry sauce with the goodness of onions and meat goes well with the firm and smooth noodles. The set of udon and seasoned rice bowl or Tempura set is popular as well.

The udon menu includes Kake udon, Tsukemen and Seiro. With extra 100 yen, you can change the kind of needles to soba or Himokawa udon.


  • This traditional udon restaurant was opened in 1887.
  • Famous for Kiryu’s local food, Himokawa noodles which are nice and smooth.
  • The sauce is a house secret and goes well with the noodles.


  • Look for the red and gray store curtain

    Look for the red and gray store curtain

  • The interior with a homey atmosphere

    The interior with a homey atmosphere

  • Hot curry goes well with chewy noodles: Curry Seiro Himokawa

    Hot curry goes well with chewy noodles: Curry Seiro Himokawa


  • 瑞蓉蓉


  • Miao


  • 張家緯



Name in Japanese
Postal Code
1-6-35 Honcho, Kiryu City, Gunma
Mondays (If falls on a holiday, open 11:30am - 2:30pm and closed on the following Tue.), the 4th Tuesday of the month.
11:30am-2:30pm(L.O.), 5:30pm-8:30pm(L.O.)*When noodles or sauce is sold out, the restaurant closes for the day
Lunch 1,000 yen, Dinner 1,500 yen
1) From JR Ryomo Line, Kiryu Station, walk 20 min.
2) From Jomo Electric Railway, Nishi-Kiryu Station, walk 20 min.
3) From Tobu Electric Railway, Kiryu Line, Shin-Kiryu Station, walk 20 min.
4) From Tohoku Expressway, Sano-Fujioka Interchange, drive about 50 min.
5) From Kita-Kanto Expressway, Ota Yabuzuka Interchange, drive about 30 min.
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