Birth place: Osaka prefecture

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Restaurant reviewer dedicated to visiting all highly talked about restaurants in the Osaka City area and passing that information on to our readers!

Birth place
Favorite food
Sushi, ramen, Okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and other flour-based foods
Food I hate
Natto, carrots
Walking and eating, music, guitar
What I’m good at
Not really anything.
What I’m not good at
I’m afraid of heights.
Where in Japan I recommend the most and why to travelers in Japan.
Kyoto. There’s so much to do, like sightseeing to enjoy the changing of the seasons, visiting shrines and temples, and enjoying gourmet food.
Favorite memory from traveling in Japan.
Okinawa. I loved the sensation of touching the ocean water, Okinawa’s awamori (Okinawan liquor), and the food!
Must do activity for visitors to Japan.
You have to see Okinawa’s ocean!