Birth place: Saitama prefecture

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I am a train enthusiast. To me, trains are not merely transportation but my purpose in life. Whenever I choose a destination I always consider the possible railway routes.
I am also passionate about seasonal flowers and hot springs. So far I've visited over 50 hot springs.

in my 40’s
Birth place
Saitama prefecture
Favorite food
Edible chrysanthemums in sukiyaki!
Food I hate
Liver, shiso leaves, cilantro.
Traveling by train. I’m the self-proclaimed “Seibu Railway Critic.” My true self is made from the Seibu Railway!
What I’m good at
Imitating railway conductor voices, social studies in general, like geography.
What I’m not good at
Languages, mathematics
Where in Japan I recommend the most and why to travelers in Japan.
“Tsurumi-dai” in Hokkaido’s Tsurui-mura. You can see the elegant dance of Japan’s greatest wild bird, the Japanese crane, there. Check out this article on Kushiro in my articles.
Favorite memory from traveling in Japan.
The “Shiroishigawa Embankment Hitome Sembonzakura” (Shiroishigawa Embankment 1000 Cherry Blossoms at One Glance) in Miyagi Prefecture. The view of the cherry blossoms reflected on the river was absolutely picturesque around 8am. Take a look at the article about this experience.
Must do activity for visitors to Japan.
Traveling by train! You should definitely stay in hot-spring hotels and travel to your destinations on different trains, watching the beauty of Japanese scenery unfold outside of the windows.